Percnon gibbesi
Source: - Kasper Hareskov Tygesen


Latin name Percnon gibbesi
Common name Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Family Majoidea - Percnon
Origin East Indian Ocean, The Mexican Golf
Max length 10 cm (3.9")

As aquarium fish

Minimum volume 200 l (53 gal)
Hardiness Hardy
Suitable for aquarium Suitable for most aquarium
Reef safe Reef safe with luck
Aggressiveness Might be aggressive towards other species


  • Microalgae (Eg. spirulina)
  • Macroalgae (Eg. seaweed / nori)
  • Small crustaceans (Krill, mysis, artemia...)
  • Detritus

Threat towards crustaceans

This species poses a threat towards shrimps and crabs etc., which are relatively small.

Can be a threat to small fish

This spicies might be a threat to smaller fishes.

Can be a threat to anemones

This species likes eating anemones.


This crab can be a threat to small fish, crustaceans and corals, when they are fully grown. 

Family description (Majoidea)

Most crabs are not wanted in coral aquaria, although there are a few which are either fun or useful.

References and further reading

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eats shrimp, eats crab, eats fish, eats sea anomone
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