Stenopus zanzibaricus
Stenopus zanzibaricus
Source: - Kasper Hareskov Tygesen


Latin name Stenopus zanzibaricus
Common name Gold-banded coral shrimp
Family Alpheoidea - Stenopus
Origin East Indian Ocean, The Mexican Golf
Max length 5 cm (2.0")

As aquarium fish

Minimum volume 50 l (13 gal)
Hardiness Hardy
Suitable for aquarium Suitable for most aquarium
Reef safe Reef safe with caution
Aggressiveness Mostly peaceful but might be aggressive towards similar species


  • Detritus
  • Parasites
  • Small crustaceans (Krill, mysis, artemia...)

Can be a threat towards small crustaceans

This species can be a threat towards small crustaceans, e.g. small shrimp.

Removes parasitic life

This species is able to remove parasites from fish.
It does not have a great impact on a large outbreak of marine ich (Cryptocaryon), for example, but it contributes towards keeping fish parasite free.

Constant cleaning can stress the fish in the aquarium, so one should not add this fish which removes parasites, if the fish are already weakened through other causes.

Not all specimens actively clean fish.

Can coexist as a pair

They can live as a pair provided they are introduced simultaneously.

Can irritate corals

These shrimps will sometimes irritate corals by taking food out of their mouths, but this is not generally a problem.


Stenopus scutellatus live in the Carribean and Stenopus zanzibaricus in the Indian Ocean.  

Family description (Alpheoidea)

Shrimps have many different purposes in the tank, some are just pretty while others are shy but useful. Some remove parasites whilst others help fight different pests. 

Read more about the different genera and species for more specific information.

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