Bispira brunnea

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Lateinischer Name Bispira brunnea
Gebräuchlicher Name Social feather duster
Familie Sabellidae - Bispira
Herkunft Der Golf von Mexiko
Max. Länge 5 cm (2")
Als Aquariumfisch
Minimales Beckenvolumen 50 l (13 gal)
Widerstandsfähigkeit Mittel
Für Aquariumhaltung geeignet Mit Pflege geeignet
Riffsicher Immer riffischer
Aggressivität Friedlich
Empfohlen Phytoplankton
Zooplankton (Cyclops, pods...)
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Daily feeding

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Must be fed once a day in most aquariums to avoid starvation.

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Bury the tube

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The tube housing the worm should be buried in the sediment.

Gezielte Fütterung

Es kann notwendig sein diese Art gezielt zu füttern. Anderenfalls kann diese Art möglicherweise zu wenig Futter bekommen.

Beschreibungen und Referenzen
Beschreibung der Familie (Sabellidae)

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These tubeworms builds tubes out of a tough, parchment-like exudate. The genus Glomerula secretes a tube of calcium carbonate instead.

Feather-duster worms have a crown of feeding tentacles projecting from their tubes.
These worms feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton and are not photosynthetic animals. In most aquariums they require target feeding with a mix of plankton.

Numerous species of fish and shrimp tend to bother these worms in an attempt to eat the crown which may eventually kill the worm.
Some predators to keep in mind are triggerfishes, wrasses, angelfishes and butterflyfishes.
If the worm looses the crown it may grow back in a month or two if conditions are optimal.

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