About Reef App

Reef App was started because I was missing a simple tool for keeping track of water analysis and calculating additive dosages.
Later I began to photograph fish shipments and public aquariums, that is when I got the idea to start the encyclopedia section of Reef App.


The goal of the encyclopedia section of Reef App is to get a collection of easy to understand descriptions of the most common aquarium species.
Reef App is not meant to have a biologic description of the species, but mainly the basic information required to successfully keep the individual species in captivity.
If you want to contribute to the encyclopedia please feel free to contact me. I can always use better photomaterial, help writing good descriptions or reviewing them.
Please let me know if you are interessed in translating the site into your own language. I have already prepared easy to use tools and payment can be arranged.

Numerous people from the danish forum (Saltvandsforum.dk) has already helped me make the descriptions more accurate. Thanks guys :-)


German translation by Mexxat (M. Kalcher)


This section of Reef App contains tools for the most common aspects of keeping a marine aquarium.
If you have suggestions for new functionality, please let me know.

About Kasper Hareskov Tygesen

I don't have a background in biology, so everything on Reef App is written from a hobbyist perspective based on personal experience and the best literature I can get my hands on.
I work as a professional software developer within the web industry, so Reef App is a great way to combine my profession and my hobby.