This calculator can be used to estimate the amount of additive needed to reach the desired level of a specific element in the water.
Be careful when you use additives, always follow the instructions for the product and test your water on a regular basis.

If you want to read more about dosing Ca, KH and Mg, please visit the help page.

Adjust/maintain parameter

If you are signed in and have registered measurements for a given parameter, then the values will be filled automatically using your latest measurements.

Volume must be a whole number, example: 880

The total amount of water in your aquarium, sump etc.
The water parameter you want to adjust or stabilize.
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The additive you want to use. Additives which specify g/l are liquid solutions of the additive.
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Value should be a number, example: 7.3

Your latest measurement of the choosen parameter.

Value should be a number, example: 7.3

The value you want to reach for this parameter.
per. day

Value should be a number, example: 3.5. Enter 0 if you don't want to account for daily consumption.

Specify how much your corals, algea etc. consume pr. day. More information on the help page.
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