Ancylomenes holthuisi

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Latin name Ancylomenes holthuisi
Local name Purple-spotted commensal shrimp
Family Alpheoidea - Ancylomenes
Origin East Indian Ocean, West Indian Ocean, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Central/West Pacific
Max length 5 cm (2")
As aquarium fish
Minimum volume 50 l (13 gal)
Hardiness Unknown
Suitable for aquarium Suitable with care
Reef safe Often reef safe
Aggressiveness Unknown
Recommended Detritus
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Keep in mind

These shrimp have a symbiotic relationship with various anemones and corals. The shrimp may eat a little flesh of the host now and then.
Its a good idea to keep these shrimp with a large host which can withstand the continual predation by the shrimp.

Should not be kept without a host.

Descriptions and further reading
Family description (Alpheoidea)

Shrimps have many different purposes in the tank, some are just pretty while others are shy but useful. Some remove parasites whilst others help fight different pests. 

Read more about the different genera and species for more specific information.

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