Jorunna funebris

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Latin name Jorunna funebris
Family Nudibranchia - Jorunna
Origin East Indian Ocean, Australia, Indonesia, Central/West Pacific
Max length cm (")
As aquarium fish
Minimum volume 0 cm (0 gal)
Hardiness Unknown
Suitable for aquarium Not suitable for home aquarium
Reef safe Reef safe with caution
Aggressiveness Peaceful
Recommended Sponges
Beware of
Difficult to keep

It is recommended that this species be kept by experienced aquarists as it requires specialized food for its continual survival.

Descriptions and further reading
Family description (Nudibranchia)

Nudibranches which are occasionally offered for sale, are extremely colourful. Unfortunately they require a very special diet to survive in an aquarium, and are therefore not well suited to tank life.
Many species will eat different kinds of corals, mostly soft corals like Sarcophyton and Zoa, but also Montipora for example, while other species will eat certain sponges or invertebrates.

The Nudibranch family includes the infamous Zoa- and Montipora eating snails, which are both small and easy overlooked.

These animals are often very poisonous, which their colour and lack of shell indicate.

References and further reading

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