Limulus polyphemus

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Latin name Limulus polyphemus
Local name Atlantic horseshoe crab
Family Limulidae - Limulus
Origin The Mexican Golf
Max length 60 cm (23,6")
As aquarium fish
Minimum volume 500 l (132 gal)
Hardiness Unknown
Suitable for aquarium Suitable for special aquariums
Reef safe Not reef safe
Aggressiveness Unknown
Recommended Small crustaceans (Krill, mysis, artemia...)
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Descriptions and further reading
Family description (Limulidae)

Horseshoe crabs are not Crustaceans. They are actually closer related to spiders and scorpions than crabs.
I have placed them under Crustacean because many people think of them as crabs.

Horseshoe crabs requires a large aquarium with a deep sandbed.
In most aquariums they will starve. Live rock formations may damage horseshoe crabs.

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