Plagiotremus laudandus

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Latin name Plagiotremus laudandus - (Whitley, 1961)
Local name Bicolour fangblenny
Family Blenniidae - Plagiotremus
Origin East Indian Ocean, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, East Pacific, Central/West Pacific
Max length 8 cm (3,1")
As aquarium fish
Minimum volume 100 l (26 gal)
Hardiness Hardy
Suitable for aquarium Suitable for special aquariums
Reef safe Always reef safe
Aggressiveness Aggressive towards other species
Recommended Fish
Small crustaceans (Krill, mysis, artemia...)
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Beware of
Attacks other fish

This species is known to rip scales and flesh from other fish, therefore do not keep this species with other fish.
It might even bite humans.

Keep in mind
Thrive best on their own

These fish flourish better without other members of the same species in the aquarium.

Hiding places

This species needs good hiding places, for example, between live rocks.

Descriptions and further reading
Genus description (Plagiotremus)

Some species in this genus imitates cleaner wrasses.

Family description (Blenniidae)

There are many differences within the Toothcomb Blennies family, some eat algae whilst others eat zooplankton. There are many families of Blennies, this is merely one of them.

What they have in common are their oblong shape and long dorsal fin. Some species have small "legs" used to move around the bottom.

These Blennies do not normally get very big and are therefore a good choice for both small and large aquaria. They are not often very colorful, but many have a fun personality which many aquarists fall for.

The species of the families Aspidontus and Plagiotremus imitate Cleaner Wrasses and can therefore be difficult to identify.

Distribution Western Pacific: Philippines and Ryukyu Islands to the Gilbert Islands, New Caledonia, and Samoa, north to Izu Islands, south to Rowley Shoals and Lord Howe Island; throughout Micronesia. Subspecies Plagiotremus laudandus flavus occurs in Fiji an
English common names Yellowtail fangblenny mimic
Yellow-tailed blenny
False harptail-blenny
Bicolor fangblenny
Bicolour fangblenny
Poison-fang blenny mimic
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