Synanceiidae (Stingers)

Stingers/Stonefishes (Synanceiidae) consist of several genera, the Synanceia species however is a good example of a stonefish as these fishes hides on the bottom camouflaged as a stone.

They are generally hardy and do not need a large swimming area, but do often require being fed with small live fish and/or shrimps. Some will quickly begin eating frozen fish or shrimp while others will refuse to eat "dead" food.
Their food must be highly nutritious and varied. They must not be fed too often: twice a week and then until the fish does not want more, is sufficient.

These fish are mostly peaceful, but will eat anything which can be swallowed whole. One would be surprised by how large the prey is that they can swallow, they can even eat fish which nearly match their own length. They will also eat each other, if the size difference is enough. Their poisonous spines do not guarantee that they will not be eaten by other predatory fishes.

Do be cautious when having your hands in the aquarium as these fish are very poisonous.

Stingers require a special substrate, either coral gravel or fine sand, as this resembles their natural habitat.



These fish are amongst the most poisonous in the world and are consequently not normally kept in a domestic aquarium.
They do best when they can dig themselves down into the substrate.