Zanclidae (Moorish idol)

Moorish Idols (Zanclidae) have an impressive and special appearance, but are unfortunately quite difficult to keep.

A large number of these fish will die from malnutrition or because they refuse to feed. 

In the wild they survive off of sponges, but they will quickly empty the aquarium of these. If one wishes to keep these fish, it is therefore imperitive to research the different types of specialist foods beforehand, so as to be prepared and have a good feeding plan. 

This fish is particularly susceptible to diseases, which combined with their need for specialist food, makes Moorish Idols difficult to keep in a tank. 

Moorish Idols are not reef safe, as they will often eat zoanthus.

This is a very special fish, but if one wishes to avoid the challenges of keeping Moorish Idols, Heniochus diphreutes is a good alternative.