Alpheoidea (Shrimp)

Shrimps have many different purposes in the tank, some are just pretty while others are shy but useful. Some remove parasites whilst others help fight different pests. 

Read more about the different genera and species for more specific information.

Alpheus (Pistol shrimps)

The Snapping-/Pistol shrimp derives its name from the snapping sound their large claw makes, which can paralyze their prey. One will therefore often hear clicking sounds coming from the aquarium. 

Apart from small shrimp, they are not normally a threat to other creatures in the tank.

Their needs and colour do vary, but common to most of them is that they will generally thrive best as a symbiotic pair with one of the following species: Amblyeleotris spp., Cryptocentrus spp. or Stonogobiops spp.
It is important to research beforehand which fish and shrimp go well together, to avoid the risk of the animals not wanting to pair up. 

As a symbiotic pair will make a shared cave in the sand it's important to have a deep enough sandy substrate.

Snapping-/Pistol shrimps can be fed with small pieces of seafood or larger types of frozen food.