Centriscidae (Shrimpfishes)

Shrimpfishes (Centriscidae) have a very characteristic way of swimming where they stay vertical whilst having their heads pointed downwards. 

They have similar needs to Pipefish, to which they are related. It is easiest to keep them in a small aquarium with gentle water circulation and without food competitors, predatory fish, crabs or similar. 

As Shrimpfish do not often eat frozen food, it is important that they are fed live feed, if there isn't enough zooplankton in the aquarium it self. This could be enriched live zooplankton, or fish fry.
They must be fed continuously, so if there are not enough zooplankton in the tank, an automatic feeder for live food could be necessary. 

Shrimpfish should be kept in a small group and are not normally aggressive towards other fish.