Callionymidae (Dragonets)

Dragonets (Callionymidae) will keep to the bottom of the tank and between the rocks, and only rarely swim in open water.

They live of small pods on rocks. The species in this family are therefore best suited to aquaria with sufficient populations of pods. Because of this, Dragonets are best suited to tanks which have been active for about a year, or one where the tank is teeming with pods under the rocks.

These fish are, however, easy to keep and peaceful, if their food requirements are met.

Multiple Dragonets can be kept together, but one should avoid having two males at the same time. Males will normally have a stronger colour and the front dorsal fin is larger.

Be cautious about keeping Dragonets together with anemones, as one runs the risk of the anemones eating them.

These fish are extremely resistant to whitespot and other parasites, but are not completely immune. They cannot, however, tolerate copper and other types of medicine very well.

The fish should be active and in good condition when bought.
If one plans on trying to feed this fish replaqcement foods, because of lack of pods, look for a fish which already eats frozen food, at the dealer.